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A website maintained by Palomar Square Dance Association (PSDA)

to share the fun of Square Dancing in North San Diego County, California and surrounding area.


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If you are looking for the PSDA website, the new site is up and running.  Please go to:



The site you are on is designed to show the public how much FUN we have with this activity known as square dancing.  It is not what you did in school or your Grandma's square dance.   It is Modern Western Square Dancing. 


It is an activity that is both good for your body and good for your mind.  It is an activity that couples, families and singles can all enjoy together.  It is an activity that people from all different walks of life can do and forget their stresses of the day.  It is just plain FUN!


Come browse our website and join us at a dance or class soon.

Benefits of Square Dancing

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